5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Bathroom Fan


If you happen to have the bathroom fan then you know the struggle when it comes to cleaning of it.  Since bathroom fans are a bit different from the other type of fans, the cleaning process is also a bit different and requires you to know some things.

Cleaning of the bathroom fan is actually not that hard to do. With the 5 fast and easy steps, you will be assured that your bathroom fan will be good as new. Just follow the instruction in this article and you are good to go.

Now, let’s explain everything that you need to know about the cleaning of the bathroom fan in order to clean your own.


These 5 steps are going to help you in the whole process of learning how to clean your bathroom fan. Let’s see these 5 steps now.

1) Turn of the power

First of all, in order not to experience any complications, you need to turn the power off in the bathroom. This way, you will make sure that there won’t be any electricity problems. After the power is down in the bathroom, you are free to go to the next step.

Don’t forget about this step since it is definitely the most important one for sure.

2) Find the bathroom fan

Now, this step is all about finding the bathroom fan. Usually, the bathroom fan is located near the ceiling. It is not that hard to stop it since it is located somewhere on the wall. Keep in mind that bathroom fans are not all the same sizes and shapes.

Even though they are manufactured to do only one thing, that doesn’t have to mean that they look alike. Your bathroom fan can easily be spotted somewhere near the ceiling on the wall. After you completed the search for a bathroom fan, it is time to go to step number three.

3) Locate the fan blade

The fan blade is actually the most important thing when it comes to bathroom fans. With the fan blade, bathroom fan performs the way it should. Now, all you need to do here is to remove the cover from the bathroom fan and find the fan blade.

You will then notice that the blade is covered in dust or some other dirt. Don’t detach it from the bathroom fan since you can easily clean it with it being attached.

4) Clean the cover and the blade

The cleaning process is usually the most boring one. Namely, you can do this step in various ways. By using the vacuum cleaning, you will ensure that all the dust will be cleaned. On the other hand, you can use wet piece of cloth to remove all the dirt.

We suggest that you use both of these cleaning methods since that way, you will ensure that your bathroom fan is cleaned perfectly.

5) Make sure to check the vent

The last step is all about checking the vent. This is also one of the most important steps because you can find somewhere that doesn’t belong there. Usually, people are freaked out when they see a rat or a mouse in the vent, but that is normal.

Also, you may find lots of bugs or other nasty things there. Be sure to bring your gloves and flashlight with you since that way you will get rid of everything that doesn’t belong there. To learn more about bathroom fan, you can check this blog: https://allaboutfan.com/


All in all, the cleaning of the bathroom fan isn’t that hard to do. You just need to follow these steps and you will be fine. Make sure to do all the steps correctly and with patience. Otherwise, you might not get the wanted result.

Anyhow, having a nice and clean bathroom fan means a lot, especially if the bathroom doesn’t have a window.

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