Queen Bed Frame With Storage Plans

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I simply can’t have wasted space! So, when doing some spring-cleaning, I realized the space under my guest bed was  under-utilized and somehow catching a lot of old things I had no business holding onto anyway. To the computer I went, sketched up a 3D model of what I thought the solution should look like, and headed to the shop.

After purchasing this set of plans, and then mixing in a little motivation and saw dust, you will have the tools needed to totally replicate this build.  The build to this solid little bed frame is thoroughly covered in just 15 pages of information and is supported by over 25 illustrations, relieving you of any type of guess work. The plan package for this bed frame with storage includes the following items:

  • 25 color coded illustrations spread over 15 pages of detailed steps walking you through cutting, shaping, joining, and finishing the project.
  • Fully dimensioned CAD diagrams to eliminate any guess work
  • A detailed list of raw materials as well as consumables.
  • A visual cut list (color coded) of all the raw material, totally dimensioned, and laid over standard size lumber for easy and efficient material usage with minimal scrap.
  • Clearly mentioned options for the builder concerning number and size of drawers, material choice, and finishes.

If you haven’t already, you can find a video summarizing this project build on my YouTube channel found HERE.



Once you purchase the plan, you will receive an email that includes a link to download the plan immediately. If you do not see the email in your inbox then be sure to check your spam folder to see if it was sent there. 

2 reviews for Queen Bed Frame With Storage Plans

  1. tsballew (verified owner)

    I made this bed for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. I don’t have the same skills as April, but these plans were laid out great! Very easy to follow and very detailed.

    Thank you for all the help!

  2. Pete CT (verified owner)

    I made this bed for our home and I love it! It turned out great!! The design and plans are well laid out and easy to follow.
    Since I need more storage, I built 8 identical drawers on the opposite side and it all worked out perfectly!
    I have just a couple of suggestions for future reference. that may be helpful for others.

    1. On Pg 9 of Instructions – Re: Mounting Runners for Drawer Sliders. As a new woodworker, I struggled to understand the actual construction of the runners and figure out the necessary dimensions needed to allow for the sliders and the size of the drawer. If you could include a more specific diagram of the runners, how they’re supposed to fit together and then how to attach the drawer sliders that would have helped me a lot!

    2. On pg 13 of Instructions – End Stiles – I didn’t see any cut plans for the end stiles. I had plenty of extra material to make mine, but I couldn’t find them listed in the cut sheets. I’ll add some pictures to the youtube channel from my build.

    Overall, these plans were very helpful and I’ll be sure to purchase more directions for future projects!
    Thanks again!!
    Pete from CT.

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