How lube can play important role in our sex life?

We always get affected by the opposite gender. When it comes into an adult issue sex turns out to be the final result. Believe it or not if the sex happened to be a great one then the affection reaches to another level. If it’s not, you know what I mean. To have a great sex life we got to consider few things. Among those, lube is an important one. A lube can change the total things into a mind blowing result. A lot of us have some secret issue or fear while having sex. Lube will easily fix most of these issues.


Sometimes people take is as prestige issue, but the truth is even the doctor recommend lubricant. Since we know prevention in better than cure, so before facing anything serious taking the best rated one for you specific intercourse is the best idea. Now you might get confused with choosing which one is best for which intercourse. At first let me tell you the popular type of lube. Water based lubricant; silicon based lubricant, oil based lubricant, warming lube, flavored lube etc. are the most popular type.

Water based lube are mostly for vaginal sex, silicon based lube for anal sex, flavored lubes for oral sex, oil based lube for mostly for massaging.  So for the safest sex experience try the one you are looking for. Water based lube is the most popular form of lube but the question is;  is it best for all form of intercourses?  Some might say yes it is. But unfortunately it’s not true. To get the best result while having anal sex people should try silicon based lube.Read  more about anal lube visit here:

Before purchasing a lube, few things need to bring under consideration. The label must be read. You got to be careful about, whether the lube is paraben and glycerin free. Paraben might cause furious desires like breast cancer and once it get stuck it’s hard to remove. The lubes which contain glycerin cause east affection in the vaginal areas. I hope now you understand why I’m talking about precaution. Still to find the best one for you try a couple of variety, then you’ll get to know which one is perfect choice for you. It’s something like perfume. You never know whenyou’re very close to get the best one.

If you follow the above guideline I can guarantee you’ll able to get absolute satisfaction. So don’t think back; choose one in accordance the way you want to perform tonight. Have fun!!!!!

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