Braun Oral b vs Philips Sonicare

Are you trying to switch from the traditional ways of brushing your teeth to the new and improved ones i.e. are you trying to switch from your manual toothbrush to an electronic one. Now the problem is that which electric toothbrush you should choose and which is going to be the best for you.


One thing is just out of question which is better the manual toothbrush or the electric one, because studies have proven that the electric toothbrush is better than the manual toothbrush. Now you just have to choose the best electric toothbrush. Let us have a look at the two most popular brands of the electric toothbrushes, the Braun oral b and the Phillips sonicare. We will just compare both the two and try to find out which is the best. Both the brands are leading the markets since the past 30 years. So the comparison is going to be a pretty tough one.

Phillips uses the patented ultrasonic technology while on the other hand Braun is popular for its oscillating technology. The efficiency of the Phillips sonicare is proven by more than 170 clinical studies, the rotation speeds of the Braun oral b are higher than ever before ensuring the a better cleaning and just perfect oral hygiene. The ultrasonic Technology of the Phillips sonicare make it stand out from all the others it gives around 30,000 head strokes per minute, while the normal electric tooth brush frequency is from 2000 to 7000 strokes per minute. The Braun’s oscillating and vibrating makes cleaning much better than an ordinary electric toothbrush. The oscillations, vibrations  and even pulsations at a very high speed easily cleans hard to access areas . The Phillips sonicare frequency mixed with the amplitude makes it far better than the ordinary toothbrushes available in the market, because it is able to remove plague 7 times faster. To get to know more specifically about this two brand check out Oral-B vs Philips Sonicare, Battle of Producing the Best Electric Toothbrush.

The top model of the Phillips sonicare is the diamond clean that has all the latest features and a more advanced efficiency level. Now talking about Braun the oral b precision black 7000 is the top and the latest model. if you are not a big fan of the sonicare technology than the Braun oral b precision black 7000 is the toothbrush for you. Now if we take a look at the prices of the two brands we will come to a conclusion that the prices of both the brands are almost similar to each other.

It would not be an understatement to say that the comparison between the two brands was just impossible, because none of them were willing to give up both have their unique cleaning styles and both have their unique features and to choose a winner amongst these two brands is not a possibility. It all depends upon the preferences of the consumer that which type of the electric toothbrush is he more interested in and according to him which is the best. Some people might go with Phillips sonicare while some may go with the Braun oral b.

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